Benefits for Starbucks

Benefits for Starbucks are far better and more complete than many other coffee shop chains.Before diving into finding out the benefits for Starbucks workers, it’s important to become acquainted with a few details about the company as it relates to their employees. People employed at Starbucks are called partners. Find Starbucks jobs here.

The company works very hard to provide their partners with a workplace that is very positive with an open relationship meant to be honest and direct. One of the greatest benefits of working at Starbucks is that partners are provided with great benefits if they work more than 20 hours a week. This is a huge difference compared to other food or drink retail establishments!

Starbucks careers are solid choices due to how this company is very consistent in maintaining its high rating in the top one hundred companies, partially due to its uncommon benefits for their part-time partners, something very hard to find at any company. The benefits for Starbucks to its partners cover income protection, health coverage and several other programs.

Benefits For Starbucks Employees Working Full-Time or Part-Time

Programs for health insurance cover both part-time and full-time workers. This includes dental, medical, hospitalization, emergency care, office visits, laboratory procedures prescription drugs, and other medical treatments. Their dental insurance program covers preventive and basic to major treatments. For vision health program, benefits for Starbucks employees are excellent as they cover lenses, eye examination, contact lenses and frames.

There is also a reimbursement account for company partners. This includes dependent care and health care which are both eligible for part-time and full-time partners.

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In addition, benefits for Starbucks employees include accidental death and dismemberment insurance, disability coverage, adoption assistance, programs for financial assistance and counseling services. For the disability program, this covers the short-term disability condition that lasts for 26 weeks or less and there is also the long-term disability. Partners are allowed to participate in the accidental death and dismemberment benefits and these are all optional. The employee assistance program covers the counseling services provided by Starbucks for stress-related matters, critical incidents which happen in the work area, emotional difficulties and other related concerns. Benefits of working at Starbucks also include the fact that partners are also financially assisted during their sickness, death in the family and natural disasters.  They also assist partners financially by up to $4000 when they choose to adopt a child.

Benefits for Starbucks employees when it comes to time off for part-time and full-time partners varies. Full-time partners qualify for personal days, holidays, tuition reimbursement and vacation time. Each year workers are given two personal days. Position is considered when vacation time is being granted as well as its length of time of service with Starbucks. If partners have been working with the company for over a year, then he or she is qualified for tuition reimbursement. The longer the partners work with the company, the higher the reimbursements will be. Part-time partners are eligible for vacation days, holidays and tuition reimbursements as well.

Benefits for Starbucks also include commuter benefits for their partners that help to pay for expenses incurred when traveling to and from work!

Benefits Of Working At Starbucks Go Beyond The Obvious

Being with this company as their partner gives you the chance to be more than just an employee. Great Starbucks opportunities await you to make you a better person emotionally, professionally and to your community.  Starbucks is truly not just about a cup of great coffee. Its benefits for its partners shows and proves that it should stay at the top 100 companies in the world because it is a dedicated organization that does not exist for profits alone but for the greater good of all.

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